Gifford Flower Show - 17 & 18 August 2019

What to enter

Gifford Flower Show 2019 Schedule
Our schedule has now been published so you can start planning your entries!  Click on the image to download the whole schedule, or browse through the sections below.
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Twiddlemuff Pattern

Crafting for a good cause, creating a Twiddle Muff, has been included as one of our Craft section classes this year.

A Twiddlemuff is a double thickness hand muff with bits and bobs attached inside and out. It is designed to provide a stimulation activity for restless hands for patients suffering from dementia. Knit for Peace will distribute these via NHS Hospitals in the UK and the patient then gets to take them home with them so there is always demand for more.

Advice is available from Nicola in the Lanterne Rouge or the “Morning Makers” who meet there on Tuesday.