Poetry Competition

Members are asked to ‘have a go’ at writing a piece for the website – again with prizes for the winners.
  • October, a Limerick on the theme of East Lothian

  • January, any form of poetry on a gardening theme

Poems should be sent to giffordhorti@gmail.com before the end the month concerned.

October entries so far.....

By Jeanie Cole

There was a musician called Derek
Who hailed no far frae North Berwick
So feart o’ Nicola
He grabbed up his Piccolo
And fled ‘cross the border to Alnwick

By Eleanor Hulme

There was a young bear in the wood

Who was rather fussy with food

When his tummy did rumble

He cooked up a crumble

Of acorns and leaves yum so good!

By Joe Clark

There once was a young lady from Gullane

Whose features were all sad and sullen.

But why, you may say,

Did she end up this way?

Twas because she married a dull ‘un

By Joe Clark

There once was a young man from Gullane

Whose young wife was terribly willin’

To feed him on sweets

And all kinds of treats

Now his teeth are all needing fillin’