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Poetry Competition

Members are asked to ‘have a go’ at writing a piece for the website – again with prizes for the winners.
  • January, any form of poetry on a gardening theme

Poems should be sent to before the end the month concerned.

January entries so far.....

By Sarah Curtis

Looking forward. 


In the greenhouse,  Icy patterns frost the glass. 

While dormant tubers rest 

The robin follows me bed to bed 

And with her twittering song, I am blessed. 


As I tidy up leaves and pull the odd weed 

The Robin takes advantage of an opportune feed

Though the ground is still frozen, 

signs of life bloom

Winter blossom on viburnum and mahonia plumes 


The earliest bulbs are starting to show 

With hope of a sunlit spring 

How I long for the blossom to burst on the trees 

And the blackbirds and chiff chaffs to sing 


But as silent snowflakes feather the ground 

It’s a gardeners penance to wait 

Reading gardening books and seed catalogues 

That the post lady brought to the gate 


The sweet peas germinated and started to sprout

When the weather warms up, they can go out 

By then the bulbs will be flowering once more

And  gardeners will be spending all our time outdoors. 


So roll on the spring, the birdsong, the sun 

The gardening year has once again begun.  

By Margaret Bryce

My Gifford Garden                                                                    

I have a little garden;  a bit at the front and the back.

There’s grass and flowers,  some trees as well.

But gardening…...have I the knack?

I’m certainly no Monty, nor Alan nor George indeed,

But the thing that stands in the way of success

Is an annoying perennial weed.


My bête noire is Mare’s Tail – it grows SO fast and tall .

I’ve got it growing everywhere –

 It drives me up the wall!

It pokes its head through gravel and soil.  I pull it up and then

I look at where it once had been

And the blasted thing’s there again!


Aha!!  Raised beds might sort the pesky weed – many barriers should deter it.

So here’s how I tried to foil the beast

And prayed my plan had merit.

A layer of cardboard, really thick, with another of Daily Mails;

Two layers of fabric,  another of sand,

More fabric if all else fails.


Then, filled with soil, it was ready to go;  my runner beans went in.

A sense of anticipation grew –

I thought I was going to win!

One week passed, then two weeks more, and after all that toil

My runner beans had companions there

Growing through the soil!


We’ve learned to live with them over the years, my veg and flowers and me.

Will they come again this year?

I’ll have to wait and see.

So can you help, my Horti chums, and tell me what to do

To rid my plots of the dreaded weed……………………or have you got it too??                                             

By Alice Perry (P4)

In the garden I heard… Many beautiful birds, Singing, It sounded like lovely music.

In the garden I saw… Some fantastic flowers, Swaying in the gentle wind, It looked like a colourful rainbow.

In the garden I smelled… Lots of freshly cut grass, Piled up on the lawn It smelled like sunny days.

Written as part of homeschool homework, Pencaitland Primary School

By Eleanor Hulme

The world has turned
Light is restored
Brown earth prepared
Spring glory to shoot forth

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