Annual Outing to Glendoick & Branklyn Gardens

Friday 10 May 9:00am - 5:00pm. Annual Outing. This year we will visit Glendoick Gardens and Branklyn Garden in Perthshire. The cost for the day will be £30, including a light lunch at Glendoick Garden Centre. Glendoick Garden Glendoick contains one of the world's largest collections of dwarf rhododendrons, as well as several Plant Heritage collections. The woodland garden has rhododendrons and an arboretum, meconopsis, magnolias, hydrangeas, clematis and other delights. We will have lunch and some time to buy plants at the adjoining garden centre. Branklyn Garden Following the excellent talk by Branklyn’s Property Manager/Head Gardener, Jim Jermyn, here in January, we now have the opp

Wildlife in the Garden

Picture thanks to Joe Clark Like the rest of the country ,East Lothian would naturally be covered in forest. That means that most of our native wildlife lives in trees and bushes. The variety of wildlife we have is less than on mainland Europe as until a few thousand years ago, Scotland was covered in ice. When the ice melted there was a short period when some plants and animals colonised before rising sea levels created the British Isles. As people cleared the forest and began farming, opportunities for plants such as poppies and cornflowers were created. What we now value as cornfield annual wildflowers were weeds to early farmers. East Lothian Council uses annual mixes to good ef

It's here! Our 2019 Flower Show Schedule is now online

We're excited to announce that our lovely new Flower Show Schedule is now available around the Village and online - so you can all start planning your entries for this year. Loads of time to get sowing, sewing, knitting, planning, baking etc and there's guidance on our Flower Show pages on the website to help you find out more about the show and how to enter.

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